DeplanV – Margi 2018

July 14, 2020

A few words about Vanessa:

Over the last two decades Vanessa Souravlia has been specializing in creating the finest events across Greece, Italy and all Europe, for her high-end international clientele.

The leading force behind DeplanV always with a mind for unrivalled quality and seamless production, Vanessa counts among her fondest memories those strewn with the laughter, meaningful moments and celebrations of her clients’ big days.

Planning a wedding can be a testing time and life-impacting decisions is what our master wedding planner and coordinator does best. An artisan of the grandiose, she coutures passionately and meticulously to encapsulate and establish the perfect finish.
She loves working with leading creatives and vendors, who -much like herself- appreciate
the intense stamp, timeless refinement and professional contentment.

She orchestrates the complete creative vision, including design, management of all wedding vendors, supervision of creations, negotiation of contracts, budget, and overall direction of the entire process, ensuring that each element and detail is never random. Voicing each client’s story, her concepts, designs and wedding productions are an act of statement,
putting their goals in the heart of her curriculum.


A few words about DeplanV:

Founded in 2013, DeplanV arrived to be the groundbreaker of luxury wedding and event planning in Greece! For over 18 years in the design and production of world-class weddings, parties and events, our quest for authenticity, essencialism and avant-garde conceptual affairs has been driven by passion, dynamism and a respect for the beauty and love of our clients. Curating the bespoke and breathing life into animated, elegant creations is part of our heritage and artisanal craft.

An insessant journey to the senses begins each time we communicate with our clients to instil events with everything bespoke, elegant, urbane and finely mastered. From our very own masters of the industry, in-house florists to sound, lighting and decor smiths to the best versed set-builders, calligraphers and patissiers, DeplanV‘s quest for prinstine experiences has brought to our agenda some of the grandest affairs ever hosted, and although we pride ourselves for our A-list esteemed clients, we always make sure to maintain our priorities in discression, exclusivity and pure grace

Elegantly ensconced in our Athens headquarters we enjoy working with diverse clientelle from across the globe, and render our tailored services the luxury our clients deserve. From the most romantic destinations to private villas, castles, masserias and open spaces, our destination wedding planning and event styling services are available wherever your heart and dreams compel.

Leave it to DeplanV to transform your biggest moments, millestones and celebrations into a work of art, with commitment to noteworthy style, deeper understanding, pure emotion and above all, love.
To DeplanV, more is more!