For over a decade, we've dedicated ourselves to the art of wedding photography and videography, embarking on adventures across the globe to connect with remarkable couples deeply in love, surrounded by their cherished friends and family.

To put it frankly, there's nothing else we'd rather be doing!

At Wedtime Stories, our mission is simple: to bring joy, vibrancy, ease, and authenticity to your wedding experience. Nestled in the Athenian suburbs by the sea, we revel in the feel of sand between our toes and salt in our hair. Yet, there's no destination too far for us to journey alongside you and capture the essence of what truly matters.

Just like you, we're captivated by the raw energy and profound connections shared between loved ones. Rest assured, your Wedtime Stories will serve as timeless mementos, transporting you back to the happiest moments of your lives!

George Santamouris



Newton might've had his apple moment, but when we crossed paths, it was more than just luck. Both of us were deep into our careers in fashion photography, lifestyle, and portraiture, but we were really pulled by that human connection. Capturing it all in one meaningful shot was what hooked us. And if there’s one thing that captures the essence of people at their best, it’s gotta be documenting weddings!

Jordan Makarof



George Santamouris has been passionate about photography for as long as he can remember. Initially pursuing studies in international Business & European Affairs, he eventually followed his true calling and transitioned into the world of photography.

With the inception of Wedtime Stories, George found his niche in wedding photography, traveling far and wide to capture couples against the backdrop of breathtaking sunsets. From the beginning of his journey in wedding photography, he has managed to integrate his rich fashion editorial background into his work, focusing on documenting the authentic, spontaneous moments that occur between people, especially when they are sharing genuine laughter.

Over the years, George has collaborated with prestigious brands such as Philips, Burberry, Belvedere, Nestlé and more, both in Greece and internationally. He had the privilege of teaming up with the legendary Greek photographer Calliope, contributing to various aspects of the creative process from conceptualizing shots to editing, culminating in the production of the book "Children of The Light".

George's wedding photography seeks to preserve those transient, in-between moments, creating images that evoke a sense of familiarity and intimacy. His skill in capturing these heartfelt instances has earned his work a place in esteemed international publications and blogs such as Vogue U.K., Forbes, and People, as well as numerous international wedding blogs and magazines.


Jordan Makarof's journey as a photographer began with an innate passion for the art form, nurtured since his early days. After pursuing studies in Fashion Photography at Saint Martins University in London and Cinematography at the University of Maine in the US, his creative vision blossomed. With a keen eye for detail and a love for storytelling, Jordan seamlessly blends the worlds of fashion and wedding photography.

His extensive experience in the fashion industry since 2006 has honed his skills in capturing beauty and elegance with every click of the shutter. Jordan finds inspiration in exploring new destinations around the globe, infusing his wedding photography with a sense of adventure and style.

Jordan's work reflects his love for cinematic storytelling, evident in his ability to capture the essence of couples in a fashion-forward manner. He cherishes the moments when laughter fills the air and believes in preserving the candid, in-between moments that define a wedding day.

His talent has been recognised in the fashion industry and beyond, with publications in prestigious magazines and blogs worldwide.With clients such as Harper's Bazaar, Jimmy Choo, Nike, and numerous magazine covers, Jordan's photographs exude timeless beauty and editorial flair.

For a deeper insight into Jordan's world, explore his personal Instagram page here: Jordan_Makarof

Jordan and George were practically neighbors, living three blocks apart and going to the same school, but their paths never crossed until a mutual friend dragged George to one of Jordan's photo shoots. They both think the best friendships kick off with a random twist of fate, kinda like finding that forever love.


George isn't just Jordan’s brand partner; he was also the best man at his wedding. He’s got a pupper he's always teaching new tricks and four felines ruling his home. He’s a foodie with a knack for tunes, and as his dad loves to say, he’s been into photography since he was 3.

Oh, and he still drops "lol" in his texts.

Jordan’s all about family – and that includes his trio, well, if you count in the two felines he spoils rotten. When he’s not jet-setting off to a destination wedding or hopping on his favorite trains, you’ll find him playing guitar, rocking out at concerts, shredding the slopes, or getting lost in old flicks.

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