Wedding photography and videography is what we’ve been up to for over a decade, and we are lucky enough to travel the globe, meet and connect with amazing couples who are madly in love, surrounded by their friends and family. If we need to be honest about our work there is nothing else we would rather be doing!

Wedtime Stories is about making you happy, keeping it colorful, easy, elegant, real! We’re based in the Athenian suburbs near the sea (we do love the sand on our feet and salt in our hair) but there is no single place we wouldn’t follow you to capture all that matters. Just like you we are infatuated with raw energy, the bonds you and your loved ones form and we can promise that your Wedtime Stories will always carry you back in the best days of your lives!

George Santamouris



Newton was hit on the head by his proverbial apple, but when we bumped into each other, it took more than being in the right place, at the right time: Having pursued our steadfast careers in fashion photography, lifestyle, and portraiture, we both felt drawn to the human connection. Pausing it in a single, meaningful collection fascinated us, and if there is one thing that wraps up all the beauty of people in their greatest moments, that for us was to document weddings!

Jordan Makarof



George Santamouris has been a photographer at heart ever since he can recall. He studied international business before moving to photography. His works with Philips, Burberry, Belvedere, Nestle and some of the most renowned brands in Greece and abroad brought him to collaborate with one of the most influential Greek photographers Calliope, setting, editing imagery and assisting in building the book “Children of The Light”. Ever since Wedtime Stories was found he has been chasing sunsets with elegant, spontaneous couples. He loves how beautiful a bride and groom look when they laugh. He documents weddings to capture the fleeting beauty of those in-between moments. When looking at his images -even if one has never met the people in them- they’ll probably wonder if they’re looking at a photograph of someone they know. You will find his collections published in Forbes, Vogue U.K., People and several international wedding blogs and magazines.

Jordan & George grew up three blocks apart and went to the same school but had never met until the day a common friend invited George to where Jordan was shooting. They both believe big friendships often begin with mere serendipity, much like forever love.


George may be Jordan’s brand partner but he was also best man at his wedding. He’s got a pupper who he’s taught new tricks to. He’s a foodie with a knack for tunes and movies, and as his dad loves to say he’s been a photography buff since the age of 3. He still uses “lol” in his texts.

Jordan’ s a family man -of three if you include the two felines he can’t stop feeding enough- and when he’s not boarding a plane or one of his favourite trains to a destination wedding he takes to the sea, attends concerts, slaloms the slopes or loses the track of time in old flicks.

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