The majority of our affairs and our specialization are in Mykonos WeddingsCosta Navarino Weddings and Athens Weddings. Additionally we have also held numerous Sifnos Weddings and Santorini Weddings as well as Weddings in Greece in places like, Paros, Ikaria, Monemvasia, Mykonos and worldwide. Check also our Luxury Micro Weddings in Greece.
Our principles are rooted in our personal faith and beliefs. We strive to show humility, respect and fairness towards your needs. Our services and wedding packages cover every potential request, from wedding planning and baptism/christening planning to party planning and luxurious rentals. We also offer personalized packages according to your budget and ideas.This is the time to begin your love story with us…
When it comes to saying I do in perfect style, there are so many different types of nuptials, and Luxury Weddings in Greece stand out for many a good reason.
Truly, the very sounding of the phrase carries the sumptuous nod, and instantly has a sea of fanciful, opulent details pouring through. But what is a luxury wedding, what does it take to plan one, and who are luxury weddings intended for? We’ve rounded up ______  quick actualities to introduce you to the wonderful universe of Greece luxury wedding planning. 
As Greece luxury wedding planners our goal is to meet the highest of expectations, from opulent decorative items, furnishings and wares, signature floral design, elaborate schemes and multiple celebratory days, VIP venues, concierge services to private chefs, masters and smiths, there is no single detail about a luxury wedding that falls to chance, nor second best option.
From the begining of production to the very end of the production, both couples and their guests receive the absolute best. Hence the term “dime a dozen” is out of the menu. Profuse and superabundant is in on every level! 
Investing is hardly the only part that makes a luxury wedding. The great emphasis is on fine detail. Our clients strive for perfection and therefore invest a strong attention to style. We think in imported silks and fine porcelain, opulent lighting and tailored fresh floral arrangements, unique curios and artworks, hand-curated and created settings, artisanship and sublime concepts.
Whereas a premium event might simply feature a few notes of personalization or a theme, say rather than serving a casual bottle of wine at dinner, a luxury wedding features one ordered exclusively for the couple and their guests, or comes dotted with tailor-made desserts. Every element is created to evoke ambiance specific to the couple, without simply prioritizing bigger details. For luxury weddings everything carries the same priority. That of the top.
Associated events such as engagement parties,  rehearsal dinners, pre-wedding bashes, and post-wedding brunches, entertaintainment and activities throughout the wedding weekend (or week) including accommodations and experiences for all guests are what make luxury weddings the most elaborate of all nuptials. Our clients wish their guests to explore and indulge in the beauty and multiplicity of their destination wedding in Greece. Planning for an exclusionary Cruise in the Saronic Islands*,  culinary and libation
A-list tastings, tours, private concerts, luxury treatments, and vintage car rides, are among our clients’ most common requests, while exclusive venues (such as Amanzoe, Costa Navarino, Four Seasons,  Santa Marina and other Mykonos’ most lavish resorts) where these events are hosted are a significant part of our luxury wedding services. 
When speaking of luxury weddings in Greece a very common thought is celebrities and heirs. While this is often true, our clients beyond well-heeled brides and grooms (and brooms)are  globetrotters whose wishes exceed the premium event scale and whose dreams to create something extraordinary bring them to opt for the finest pleasures a destination wedding in Greece has to offer.
To them, their luxury wedding celebrates more than just marriage, rather their affinity to high-end design, a dash (or more) of extravagance and the conviction that life’s beauty is a gesture to share.  
To them, and we suspect to you if you are reading this, a luxury wedding is … fine art. 
Romantic sunsets, beautiful beaches, the pure blue sea colour and other hidden beauties make Greece and its islands a paradise to be discovered.  That is why Greece is one of the world’s most unforgettable wedding destinations!
Our company prides itself on organizing weddings in Greece in any location you wish! There are plenty of options regarding your destination and over 100 islands in Greece to choose the perfect location for you! Apart from Mykonos we also organize weddings on the beautiful islands of Santorini, Paros, Sifnos, Naxos, Chios, Rhodes, Crete, Skopelos, Skiathos.
Also there are other exquisite cosmopolitan mainland locations and in the Greek countryside like the medieval castle of Monemvasia, the rocky scenery of Mani and the beautiful Grand Resort of Costa Navarino with excellent facilities in Peloponnese.
However, our services are not limited to those locations! We are more than challenged to host a wedding in more boarder islands or countryside which are still pure and untouched like Koufonisia, Astypalaia, Anafi etc.
Most couples are choosing the Greek island for a destination wedding due to the indescribably beautiful scenery: gorgeous crimson sunsets and whitewashed houses perched above the deep blue Aegean Sea create the most romantic environment imaginable. 
Greece offers an almost limitless number of choices ranging from less-frequented spots to more polished environments, depending on your tastes.  It is an understatement to say that they are all out of this world!
Each Greek wedding package is a joint cooperation between us and you. We are committed to design a wedding that reflects your personalities and fulfills the dream of how you wish to spend one of the most important days of your lives!
Our goal is to fulfill your wishes and make your destination wedding concept come true! Have a wonderful wedding in Greece!!!!
Believe the postcards!  Mykonos is so one of the most beautiful islands in Greece and it is no accident that it has become one of the most desired wedding destinations in the world! 
The unique cosmopolitan lifestyle, the sophisticated nightlife and the local architectural treasures as long as the stunning natural beauties and picturesque villages, create the perfect environment for an exquisite Mykonos wedding and the recipe for unforgettable memories.
The capital town of Mykonos is beautifully chic with narrow streets lined with designer clothes shops, artists’ studios, upmarket restaurants and trendy bars and clubs. The nightlife in Mykonos is often rated as the best in Europe.
A wonderful place to watch the sunset with a cocktail is Little Venice where you find cafes and bars that lap the water’s edge.
In this beautiful paysage you could have the Mykonian wedding of your dreams!!!
Whether you prefer a small romantic wedding or a large luxurious wedding reception, your wedding in Mykonos will be remembered for its beauty and elegance. Mykonos wedding ceremonies could take place in several places of different aesthetic.
At the historic town hall of the town or in one of the wonderful beaches, a Mykonos wedding is the ideal way to experience a Cycladic lifestyle and incorporate this beautiful style in your wedding.
Through our company, operating for more than 12 years, we have hosted and coordinated numerous Mykonos weddings, providing the proper consultation, unique decorating concepts and accurate coordination.
The majority of Mykonos weddings requests and the most desirable wedding concept is the beach wedding concept because of the beautiful landscape that the Mykonian beaches have to offer.
We have cooperated with  most of the vendors in Mykonos island and due to our years of experience we have built some unbreakable relationships with them and this beautiful island! Mykonos feels like home to us!
Although it is one of the smallest islands of the Cyclades complex, Mykonos is definitely the most famous wedding destinations, thanks to its treasure of natural beauty, rich history, cosmopolitan character combined with a wild nightlife, as well as plenty of local color.
We guarantee for a carefree, relaxed and super romantic Mykonos wedding, that we will be next to you in the whole process to create the most impeccable wedding concept!!!
Sifnos wedding: exclusivity for the selected few!
Sifnos may not come first to our minds when talking about Cyclades, as may Mykonos or Santorini, but it is the island of harmony and balance preferred by those few who know where to turn to avoid the crammed cosmopolitan destinations.
Sifnos is an island easily accessible by boat and once you get there you are overwhelmed by the peacefulness of the landscape. It is a Cycladic destination with picturesque scenery composed of whitewashed houses and clear blue waters.
Having your wedding in Sifnos is the perfect choice for couples that are looking for a traditional Greek touch to their special day. Seven Martyrs church surrounded by the Aegean blue, on the top of a hill, contrasting the black rocky landscape with its bright white colour would be a great choice to hold your wedding ceremony.
The perfect Cycladic scenery for the perfect Sifnos wedding!
Enjoy a night walk in the streets of Apollonia where all activity of the island takes place, with lots of restaurants, cosy cafes, bars and traditional white houses beautifully surrounded by bougainvilleas.
Take time to explore the traditional gastronomic treasures Sifnos has to offer, with the popular chickpea soup prepared in ceramic pots and mastelo, the slow cooked pork or lamp in clay pots locally crafted, which you could definitely incorporate in your wedding menu for a Greek flavored result. Sifnos wedding in gastronomic terms for you and your loved ones!
Have your wedding in the island of Sifnos and allow the bright light of the golden sun to enlighten your special day while we create the most romantic and tailor-made setting.
Let us make your dream wedding in Sifnos come true !