Pardon our French but we believe “le ciel” means “the sky?” Well, that is exactly what you should expect if you’re planning on tying the knot in Le Ciel on Santorini island. Endless skies bursting with colors as day gives way to the most beautiful afternoon sunsets you’ve ever witnessed. Our bride and groom Shirley and Nathan fell in love with the easy-luxury vibes of the Aegean pearl as Santorini is reputed to be and planned their nuptials not only as an incredible getaway for themselves but also for their closest and dearest. We took our beautiful bride and groom to be on an ride around the honeypot hamlets of the island as they got to indulge in sunset views trickling around us like liquid gold. So in love with each other and so enthused with their destination of choice they exchanged their vows in utter bliss and a cloud or red rose petals thrown as they walked down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. As for their party soon after the ceremony was over, we’ll leave it up to you to tell!

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