Island Athens Art And Taste Wedding Photographer

If you have been looking to score the most beautiful Athens wedding venue, Island Athens Art and Taste on the south edge of Athens is definitely the one you are looking for. As the most experienced Island Athens Riviera, and Island Athens Art and Taste wedding photographers we have had the pleasure to document wedding events with the best Athens wedding planners.

Having an experienced Island Athens Art and Taste wedding photographer means you get to enjoy all the benefits of a wedding specialist that is familiar with your wedding venue, the spaces around it and the
lighting conditions so as to create artful portraits soaked in beauty. The many levels of Island Art and Taste will allow us to create extraordinary images celebration your special day Our Island Athens Riviera wedding photography services are bound to capture all the special emotions of each couple, and immortalizing them for generations to come.

Couples who choose Island Art and Taste as their wedding venue for a big wedding party or an intimate wedding affair are truly lucky. In addition to the feeling that you are enjoying quality time on a Greek island, Island Art and Taste comes with not one but six separate wedding venues, sure to cater to any wedding size, from more intimate celebrations for a few attendees, to larger weddings.

Begin your big day preparations on Island Residence, where a magnificent garden laden with olives and tamarisks meets the waterfront. Mediterranean architecture, natural hues and minimalism create an
enchanting blend with the shifting sky palettes. As Island Residence photographers we can assure you its premises are the easiest to decorate and build upon. We love it when our brides and grooms customize this wedding venue for their guests.

Planning a private wedding soiree? Look no further than the Island C-lounge, where rare ethnic decor from exotic lands blend with beautiful lighting. Romantic wedding affictionados will definitely wish us to photograph their wedding portraits in one of its spaces.

The Island Private House is where Mediterranean and modern design meet. The Private House is simply perfect for garden wedding celebration that require versatile bride and groom preparation facilities, matched with top music and light equipment . Decked with an a leveled garden with a view of the azure waters of Athens Riviera, your wedding reception can be shot from several angles and your dessert and food bars will find ample of space. Should you wish to have a wedding arch you can always stage it
under the shed or go for wedding portraits on a unique photo-booth set up right by the zen pool.

Our Island Art and Taste wedding photography experience tells us that Island Prive is the ideal niche for modern rehearsal dinners or wedding cocktail celebrations, while the Island Art and Taste Gallery comes with a 400 capacity seating and 600 people standing. If you’ve always wanted a wedding in the Cyclades, but cannot afford to venture outside the city of Athens, as Island Art and Taste wedding experts, we will insist that you have your wedding portraits taken before the sublime Riviera views, or
have your wedding ceremony in the most romantic church of St. Dionysios, right in the very premisces. It’s iconic blue door will serve as your romantic backdrop and your wedding portraiture will shine as the light turns from light blue to pink.

Grand Ciel is the latest addition of a wedding venue of Island Art and Taste. With a space that exceeds in capacity any other Island premises, it can welcome events of 2,000 seated people and up to 4,500 standing people. Island grand Ciel offers a truly incredible view. Almost beside the coast, Grand Ciel is filled with reeds, bougainvillea and oleanders, which create an impressive landscape ideal for chic weddings. Island Grand Ciel can easily be adapted and transformed according to any wedding requirements (it supports facilities for stage, floor, awnings, etc.)It also owns a small private beach with crystal clear waters, which can also be reached with a yacht by the sea and thus allow you a unique wedding entrance.

As your Island Art and Taste wedding photographers we will make sure to capture all your beauty as bride and groom whether you decide to tie the knot in its romantic pasty chapel, have your portraits taken amidst its lush wisteria laden walls, enjoy dancing with your loved ones on its manicured lawn spaces, or sip your wedding cocktails poolside. We will be there early capture non-stop from the first look of you and your bridesmaids toasting to your happiness to the moments that you walk outside for everyone to
admire your wedding dress and from the time you see your groom to the moment that fireworks lit the Island Athens Riviera sky. Even if you do not wish for a religious ceremony at the Island Athens Art and Taste chapel, our wedding photography services have covered hundreds of weddings from Arab celebrations and Hindu weddings, to Lebanese weddings and their luxurious parties.

No matter which venue is right for you, our Island Athens Riviera wedding photographer services will be there with you to capture every single moment as it happens. If you are interested in Island Athens Riviera as your wedding venue or wish to book the most pristine Island Athens Riviera wedding photographer services, contact us. We will be more than happy to provide you with more information. As we will be shooting several Island Athens Riviera weddings this wedding season we will work my best to meet your wedding dates and capture your dream wedding in the most elegant way!